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Teacher Danni

Sr. Teacher Level 1

Hello, my name is Teacher Danni and the reason I started teaching was due to the passion I have for languages, getting to meet new and interesting people, and watching my students learn and grow right in front of me. I have had the privilege of teaching students in Australia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and many other cultures online as well.


I hold a Bachelors' Degree in English with an academic distinction for language. I have also received various teaching certifications such as a 120hr TEFL and training on teaching students with special needs.


If I were to describe my specific teaching style I would have to say my classes are tailored specifically to each student in order to ensure that my students are able to learn and grasp the concepts being taught at their own pace. The manner in which I accomplish this is by introducing a calm, patient environment that is conducive for fun and gaining knowledge.


Therefore, my ultimate goal when teaching my students is to ensure that I provide an environment where they can thrive, are comfortable asking questions, all while having fun in a dynamic, professional, and enthusiastic environment.

Teacher Danni

Parent Quotes: Tr Danni

"Great class atmosphere and very passionate about teaching."

"Creates rich activities. Guides. and encourages"

"All lessons guided Patiently and strong expansion."

"Good patients and understanding."

"Creates rich activities."

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