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Teacher Janni

Teacher Level 2

Hello, my name is Teacher Janni.

I take pride in ensuring that my students always see me as a warm and lively teacher who always ensures that all my students are as comfortable as can be in the online classroom. I am an active listener and lively speaker who always strives to do my absloute best in by giving simple yet effective explanations to all my students questions. I also exhibit, and encourage, meaningful discussions while giving relatable insights to and from my students with the ultimate goal of transforming them into genuine Information Detectives with an unpresidented love for learning.

Education, Certifications/Awards, & Experience:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

  • TEFL certification

  • Best in Leadership Award: Mango Language Tutorial Center

  • Over 4yrs teaching experience

If the above sounds like it is right up your alley and you are looking to practice, master, or expand your English communication and comprehension skills, then book your lesson today and let’s do it together!

Teaching availability:

Mondays to Fridays, 7-11PM (GMT+8).

Teacher Janni

Parent Quotes: Tr Janni

"You gave me some tips on how can speak English and what I should do for my kid to study English. Overall, I enjoyed your lesson today. See you next time!"

"Thanks for enjoyable conversation! She is very kind and smiles many times, so I could talk comfortably!"

"She was very cheerful and easy to talk to! She explained words he didn't understand using pictures."

"She carefully taught me what I didn't understand, and it was fun! Thank you very much!"

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