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Teacher Jill

Supervisor Teacher Level 1

Hello, I am Teacher Jill, and I believe in order to be an outstanding educator requires, not only knowledge and experience, but most of all the ability to be adaptable. I have lived and taught in Korea for the past 20 years and strive to create an atmosphere in my classroom that is conducive to learning without the fear of making mistakes. Every class and student is different so even the most carefully planned lesson may need to be adapted to suit the student’s learning needs.

I have a BA in English and Psychology and am currently teaching English Language and Literature courses at Yeungnam University in Korea. I have also acquired teaching certificates in:



Before teaching at Yeungnam University I was an elementary, middle, and high school teacher for 8 years and have experience teaching students from many different cultures such as:

China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan 

I also have experience teaching IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English, Psychology, Current Events, Academic English, Professional English, Speech Writing, and Debate to students of all ages including adults.

So, no matter what your learning goals are I believe if you are willing to adapt and not be afraid to make mistakes, you will always be successful in your learning endeavors.

Teacher Jill

Parent Quotes:  Tr Jill

"I wanted to thank you for how well you connect with Charlie. You are rondate his favorite teacher."

"Thanks for all you do!!"

"He used to be shy and hate studying English but you've made it so fun."

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