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Teacher Kera

Teacher Level 1

Hello, my name is Teacher Kera!

About Me

As a writer and published author, I am very passionate about language and learning. I am creative, passionate, and innovative and these skills have come into great use within my career. Through hard work, and diligence I’ve learned that mistakes are all part of the learning process, and I am always excited to learn something new or tackle a unique experience.  I love learning about new countries, people, and cultures. In my spare time, you can always find me with my nose in a book, or researching an interesting topic that has captured my attention. 

What I offer students as an Online TEFL Teacher:

As a teacher, I take pride in my students by trying to assist and help them with English in order to improve their communication skills, reading and writing ability, and to increase their confidence in these skills. And over the years, I’ve helped many students not only, improve their confidence and communications skills, but I’ve also assisted with the following:

  • OPIC Exam Preparation

  • English Essays and Presentations

  • Proficiency Exams

  • Speech Prep

  • Editing for Presentations/Speeches/Writing Assignments/Essays

  • And much more

So, Looking for something magical in your online lessons? I’m your Teacher!

Book your lesson today, and let’s learn beyond what our imagination can come up with!

Teacher Kera

Parent Quotes: Tr Kera

" Thank you for all your help, and for giving me the confidence to speak English!"

"I've learned a lot today, and a new expression that I can use."

"Thank you for your teaching, Kira. You are a good teacher!"

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