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  • What are your prices?
    Good Question! We understand that having the right teacher for your educational goals is of utmost importance, but having a great teacher at an affordable price is also important as well. Here at TCEC, we offer many pricing options to choose from to suit your family's online learning needs. First, you will need to decide if you are looking for a Level 1 or Level 2 teacher, as each level has different pricing. Here you will find our Student Pricing Plans: Level 1 Teacher Pricing Plans: Level 2 Teacher Pricing Plans: Here you will find our Adult Pricing Plans: Level 1 Teacher - Adults: Level 2 Teacher - Adults:
  • When are the next classes starting?
    Our lessons can be started at any time you are ready to start. We would first need to schedule you an Assessment Lesson to evaluate the student’s current English level and establish a recommended learning plan.
  • Who teaches the lesson?
    Our Teachers are either Native-Speaking (US / UK English) teachers or Near-Native Speaking who teach our customized courses and are highly qualified and experienced, with years of success in teaching from Beginners to Communication Classes. They have degrees and diplomas with many years of teaching experience and dedication.
  • Is it US (American) English or UK (British) English?
    We typically teach the version of language from where the material is from, but we also realize some students have a preference for one version of English and we will make adjustments accordingly. Most of our students usually prefer the US (American) English versions. As you go along the teacher will point out the differences and what to focus on / or to ignore – for whatever dialect you are interested in.
  • Can I take a break, holiday, or interrupt my studies?
    We do offer our students the option to interrupt your studies for a 2-month period. In other words - you can pause your lessons and resume within 2 months after you have stopped. If you need a longer period, you are to send us an extension request within, this 2-month period. We do recommend that you still continue with the process so that we are able to ensure you have available spot in upcoming classes.
  • What material is being used?
    We use course material that has been written by a professor in linguistics – specially designed for each learning level. This is published material – which we have added to make it more personalized. So – like at school, it is prescribed material.
  • I prefer Face to face instead of online, are you planning on opening in-person classes soon?
    Online or in person class? In this age of technology, we had to make peace with the fact that classroom lessons are outdated and something of the past. ☹ Unfortunate for some, but very fortunate for so many more students - as this is now accessible to everyone. Our online classes are as close to in-person-classes you will get. It is based on exactly the same methodologies and is such a success that students who have been with us - for close to a year (and longer) - insisted that if we changed back to classroom lessons, they will no longer attend. This speaks volumes. Online lessons are nothing new and wasn’t brought on by the pandemic. Way before the Covid pandemic -, the DHE have instructed Adult Education Facilities (like Mi Casa) that we have to evolve and switch over to Virtual classes – to not only keep up with the times, but also to make it accessible to everyone. - Please note that it is not your conventional online classes where lessons are pre-recorded, phrases are repeated etc. It’s not what you see on the internet, or experience with apps like Duolingo, Babbel, etc. These are interactive virtual classes – in real time – with your teacher and your classmates (if you opt for a group) – with you - within the comfort of your home or office. Classes are fun, interactive and everyone in a group class actively participates White boards are replaced by sharing multi screens All course material is e-mailed to students (or can be collected or received via courier) Classes can be recorded and shared via WhatsApp or other communication apps It also took us a while to get used to the 5th industrial revolution – and the new way of doing things, but in the past (almost) two years, we have perfected the art of interactive lessons, with virtual split screens and all the bells and whistles - with your teacher right there with you.
  • Is anyone available to talk/chat?
    Thank you for reaching out to Teacher Cole's English Corner! Currently, our dedicated team is actively engaged in teaching students, and we may not be available for live chat services. However, we value your inquiry, and if you leave us a message, we will make it a priority to respond as soon as we are out of class. For more immediate assistance, feel free to send us an email at Rest assured, even though live chat services are not available due to limited staffing, we are committed to addressing your questions and providing the support you need. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you!
  • What is a Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher?
    Level 1 TCEC Teachers These are teachers who are citizens of or have lived/worked in Native English Speaking Countries for more than 5 years. These teachers have the experience and comprehension of English slang, humor, culture, and local colloquialisms, while also being able to share personal experiences about living in a native English-speaking country with their students. Level 2 TCEC Teachers These are teachers who have extensive experience teaching English online as a foreign language but have not lived/worked for at least 5yrs in an English-speaking country. All our TCEC Teachers have TEFL Certification and are highly educated with many of our teachers having scored at a Native Fluency Level on exams.
  • What is the teaching methodology?
    At TCEC, we have developed a unique teaching methodology that prioritizes getting individuals to think in English. We believe that language learning should go beyond memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules; it should be about developing the ability to use the language in real-life situations. To achieve this, we emphasize practical applications of the English language in various contexts. We encourage students to engage in conversation, role-plays, and group activities that simulate real-life scenarios. By doing so, learners are exposed to the language in a meaningful way, enabling them to think and express themselves in English more naturally. While focusing on practical usage, we also acknowledge the importance of grammar and pronunciation. We understand that accuracy is crucial for effective communication. Therefore, we provide targeted grammar lessons and pronunciation exercises tailored to meet the needs of each student. This ensures that students not only develop fluency but also acquire a solid foundation in the language's structure and sound system. Our teaching methodology is not based on mindless repetition but rather on active engagement and critical thinking. We encourage students to analyze and reflect on their learning experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the language. This approach promotes independent learning and instills a lifelong love for English, as students discover the joy of using the language as a means of communication rather than as a subject to be studied. To illustrate the effectiveness of our teaching methodology, let's consider an example. In a classroom setting, instead of simply memorizing a list of vocabulary words, we would organize activities where students have to use the words in context. For instance, we might create a role-play exercise in which students have to act out a restaurant scenario, using the vocabulary related to ordering food, asking for recommendations, and expressing preferences. By engaging in such activities, students not only learn the vocabulary but also practice using it in a realistic setting, reinforcing their understanding and retention. In conclusion, our teaching methodology is centered around promoting active engagement, practical usage, and critical thinking. By combining these elements with a focus on grammar and pronunciation, we create a comprehensive learning experience that empowers students to think in English and become effective communicators in real-life situations.
  • How do I get started?
    We are pleased to hear you are interested in booking a Student Assessment Lesson! Click any of the "Book Now" buttons on our home page and you will be able to book a lesson with one of our Student Assessment Teachers. Or leave us a message with your questions and we will gladly get back to you!
  • How do I book a Student Assessment Lesson?
    Great Question! Here is how you can book a Student Assessment Lesson: 1) On our main page you may click any of the "Book Now" buttons. 3) Click the "Services" tab and then click the "Booking" option. This is where you will be able to book a Student Assessment Lesson as well.
  • What format is the virtual class, are there books to work from or how do you run it?
    We use Zoom as our Virtual Platform – for various reasons. We have used an array of specialized platforms previously, but ultimately the most compatible and user-friendly platform (for our students of all ages), is Zoom. Our course materials are now provided to you in your Student Memo as a link. So - you can either print these pages out as you go along (no need to print them all at once) or you can save the whole file on your desktop and work from there. Whatever works best for you.
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