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Wonders G2-Units 1 & 2

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Course Duration: 12 Weeks Class Length: 1 hour Class Frequency: Twice a Week (*Once a week upon request*) Class Size: 6-10 Students Welcome to the world of Wonders G2! Join us for an immersive 12-week group course where we delve into Units 1 and 2 of the Wonders G2 curriculum. This exciting program is tailored for Grade 2 students and offers a captivating learning experience through engaging stories, thought-provoking texts, and stimulating activities. With sessions held twice a week for one hour, this course promises interactive and dynamic learning that will enhance your reading, writing, and language skills. By the end of the course, students can expect to have developed a deeper understanding of key reading and writing concepts, improved their ability to comprehend and analyze complex texts, and honed their communication skills. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on a transformative educational journey. Enroll today! Cost: Payment Plan 3 months: $57/month Full Payment: $170

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