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Wonders G2-Units 5 & 6

  • 12Weeks
  • 24Steps
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Course Duration: 12 Weeks Class Length: 1 hour Class Frequency: Twice a Week (*Once a week upon request*) Class Size: 6-10 Students In Units 5 & 6 of the Wonders G2 Group Course, students will embark on an advanced literary and writing adventure. This 12-week course is designed to build upon the skills developed in earlier units and take students to new heights of academic excellence. Through the exploration of challenging texts and the practice of advanced writing techniques, students will enhance their critical thinking abilities and broaden their knowledge of various genres and literary devices. They will also learn to construct coherent arguments, express their ideas effectively, and engage in meaningful discussions. Additionally, students will focus on improving their overall communication skills, including listening and speaking, to become confident and articulate communicators. By the end of Units 5 & 6, students will have advanced their reading, writing, and communication skills to a higher level. They will have a deeper understanding of advanced literature and writing concepts, improved analytical and critical thinking abilities, and enhanced communication and collaboration skills. These final units will not only prepare students for academic success but also instill in them a lifelong love for reading and writing, equipping them with the necessary skills for future endeavors. Join us in Units 5&6 and take your literary and writing abilities to the next level! Cost: Payment Plan 3 months: $57/month Full Payment: $170

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