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Teacher Coles English Corner is Hiring!

Proud and Professional

Teacher Coles English Corner

Application for Employment

Level 2 Teacher

Application Process/Requirements/Pay

Application Process:

All applicants are given equal opportunity to apply and be considered for a position at Teacher Coles English Corner. During the application process, we will be verifying your application, provided information, teacher videos, and essay to make a final decision. Please feel free to include any extra pertinent information that you feel will make you stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique and compelling teaching skills!



  1. Completed Application Form

    • CV/Resume may be submitted in lieu of Education/Experience/References sections

  2. Teacher Video - There are 2 options for a Teacher Video

    • you may submit more than one

    1. Demo Lesson Video

    2. Current/Previous Student Video

  3. Essay

  4. Proof of Education / Certifications

    • You may wait till an offer has been made or has been requested for final acceptance

  5. Internet – 10mbs Minimum

  6. Computer – i3 processor Minimum

  7. Zoom Account - *Free Version

  8. LINE Account

    • WeChat or QQ accounts are a bonus

  9. Wise Account

    • PayPal is an acceptable alternative (fees may apply)

  10. Google Account 

    1. Gmail – Teacher.FirstName.LastName@gmail
    2. Google Drive



  1. Base Salary:

    • $8/hr (USD) for 1-on-1 lessons

  2. Incentive Pay Opportunities:​

    • $1/hr for Upgraded Homework Packages​

    • $1/hr for Adult Lessons

    • **After a probationary period and assessment, Teachers are eligible to be added to the Group Lesson Booking Schedule

  3. Subscription Channel Teachers:​

    • Channel Teachers receive a percentage of their channel's monthly subscription base​


Submission of Application:

All applications should be submitted to:

Subject: Teacher Application

Teacher Coles English Corner

Application for Employment

Application Form

  • Are you ready to begin your own journey? 

  • Are you prepared to be an amazing teacher embarking on a voyage of discovery with your students?

Then click here, TCEC-Hiring Packet to download our Hiring Packet and join our growing group of outstanding teachers.

I look forward to seeing you in class soon!


Teacher Cole


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