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Teacher Nash

Teacher Level 1

Teacher Nash possesses a genuine passion for teaching English to both younger learners and adults in the online realm, demonstrating a remarkable ability to not only educate but also entertain students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

With a rich background spanning over 20 years as an international singer, performer, and actress, Teacher Nash seamlessly integrates her creative talents into crafting engaging and effective lessons that captivate her students' interests.

Her impressive array of accomplishments includes:

  • Holding a BS Degree in Psychology with a focus on English, accompanied by a diploma in Commerce.

  • Undergoing 6 years of comprehensive speech and drama training, enriching her pedagogical approach.

  • Extensive experience in teaching children singing, coaching students in Public Speaking and Debate, and delivering targeted Business English instruction.

  • Narrating children's audiobooks, showcasing her versatility in language and storytelling.

  • Proficiency in multiple languages, reflecting her commitment to linguistic diversity.

  • Attainment of various prestigious awards and serving as Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Entertaining royalty and VIPs through her performances, highlighting her breadth of experience and professionalism.

Furthermore, Teacher Nash has consistently pursued professional development opportunities, including:

  • Completion of a 120hr TESOL Course, enhancing her expertise in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

  • Certification in TEFL/TESOL, further solidifying her credentials in the field.

  • Participation in the "Becoming an Online Teacher Master Class" and "Managing a Great Lesson/Teacher English Online Seminars," illustrating her dedication to refining her online teaching skills.

  • Completion of a Code Of Ethics Course, underscoring her commitment to ethical teaching practices.

Having conducted over 5000 lessons for both individual students and groups, with class sizes ranging up to 100 students, Teacher Nash has amassed extensive experience in online, private, and classroom settings worldwide. Her tenure at esteemed institutions such as adult language colleges and the British Council further attests to her expertise and effectiveness as an educator.

With her unwavering dedication and proven track record, Teacher Nash possesses the requisite skills and knowledge to assist you in achieving your English language goals effectively.

Teacher Nash

Parent Quotes: Tr Nash

"Teacher Nash you are a good different teacher. The idea that my daughter can understand and not just repeat the material. Thank you"

"Thanks for your encouragement. You really are an amazing teacher!"

"I am very happy that every time you treat Geer and his performance in class is detailed and comprehensive. With your patience and love Geer and I like you and your class very much."

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